Guinwa Zeineddine

Multilingual TV Host & Correspondent

Guinwa Zeineddine is an Arab American TV Host and Entertainment and Beauty Reporter!

Guinwa comes from a family that are experts in the beauty industry which developed her passion for transforming women’s lives through beauty and health. She has been a guest contributor on numerous shows such as ET: Entertainment Tonight Dubai, The Doctors, NBC, MBC, Alarabiya and many other media outlets. Guinwa has a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences which allows her to understand the “science of beauty.” Her unique blend of culture, lifestyle and beauty makes her a stand out in the entertainment industry as someone who not only is a Glam expert but also, a compassionate and positive role model for women.

In 2014, Guinwa Zeineddine ascended to the top of the Arab pageant world as Miss Arab USA. Since then she has used her crown and social media platforms to change the perception of Arab women worldwide and educate the world and her community about the Arab culture and the struggles of being young and Arab in America.

Guinwa understands the pressure that young women of all races go through to feel beautiful on the inside and outside motivating her to create her own platform,, where she offers insight on the business of beauty that every woman can relate to. Through her site, Guinwa is empowering women of all shades to love who they are externally but more importantly internally. She hopes to connect with other boss ladies, as well as those who are looking for guidance from a glam expert and media professional.

In 2016, Guinwa founded Hawiyati, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides women and disenfranchised youth with educational resources and empowerment workshops. Upon it's launch, Guinwa's hard work and dedication earned the non-profit a Top-Rated Award from GreatNonprofits.Org. Guinwa continues to direct and coordinate programs to better serve women and children in need locally and internationally. 

Guinwa Zeineddine is a phenomenal tv host and beauty activist. She is entertaining the world one Shade of Glam at at time.

Background & Early Childhood

Born in Canada, raised in Dubai and coming from Lebanese descent, Guinwa is the eldest of her 3 siblings and holds a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences and Communications.

Guinwa has been an entertainer since early childhood; her strong passion for performing and dancing sparked at an early age. She was always on the go and was seen performing to different dance genres from belly dancing and folkloric dancing to hip-hop and jazz. Guinwa's fondness for dance and performance grew with her throughout her adolescent years allowing her to perform in front of a big crowd during her middle and high school years living in the UAE. Her creative mind allowed her to perform and produce multiple acting skits and marketing campaigns placing her first in her high school's annual talent show competition. 

Aside from her passion for performing, Guinwa has always been a natural born leader with a competitive drive that is undeniable. She balanced her early childhood and adolescent years between being an exceptional A student, a performer, and a great leader who was involved in numerous after school activities and held multiple leadership positions such as presidency, marketing and fundraising chair. She also spent a majority of her time tutoring students in chemistry and biology as she was an avid learner who loved lending a hand when needed. 

Math and science weren't her only areas of expertise at a young age, Guinwa possessed an energy that automatically drew people to  her making her approachable and trustworthy to many. She used her social skills and drive to thrive to continue pursuing her passion for becoming a TV host and reputable broadcaster.  

At the age of 16, Guinwa and her family made the move to the United States. It was then that she decided to delve outside her comfort zone and start competing in pageantry placing in the top 10 at her very first pageant. Since then, Guinwa got bit by the pageant bug.  She used her pageant skill sets to persevere in the pursuit of her dreams and got the confidence and reassurance she needs to continue on the path of having a successful broadcasting career. 

Guinwa’s strong work ethic, diverse upbringing, and love for storytelling is undeniable.  This combination, along with her decision to stay true to herself by shaping her career around her authentic passions has become a key component to her success. Always pushing herself to new levels with confidence and determination, Guinwa is poised to have a broadcasting career that lasts a lifetime.

Guinwa currently resides in Los Angeles, and frequently travels for media opportunities in Las Vegas, Dubai and Lebanon. 



Guinwa Zeineddine has been featured in numerous international talk shows to speak on issues that are dear to her heart as well as share her expertise in the beauty world. Her multilingual abilities allowed her to be featured in multiple media outlets and interview international celebrities in Dubai and Lebanon. She is currently a host and Red Carpet Reporter for AfterBuzz TV and Black Hollywood Live and aspires to continue her TV hosting career in the entertainment and glam world!  



hawiyatiPublic speaking started at the age of 18 for Guinwa when she was picked to compete at her universities annual speech and debate landing in the final stages. Her passion for storytelling and using her voice to inspire others opened multiple doors of opportunities for her in public speaking and live emceeing. She has hosted live events nation-wide with over 5,000 audiences per event. Her live hosting portfolio includes corporate events, non-profit empowerment presentations, panel discussions, and pageant and entertainment competitions.